Ivan Echevarria - OWNER

Ivan first became involved with boxing through his love of the sport, and also as the way to best support his brother, fighter Oscar Gonzalez.
Oscar is rejoining the fighting ranks this year, in addition to his position as trainer and educator;
to learn more about him, check out his page.

Ivan has spent 29 years in the entertainment industry, as well as 15 years in the business of promotions, and he knows the ropes! Tampa Florida has a great reputation for putting on great boxing events, and we continue to follow in that great tradition. Pier 6 Promotions is not your ordinary promotional company. We have put together a team of Promoters, Event Directors, TV Producers, Graphic Artists, Entertainment, and finally... our Marketing Team.

Experience is on our side.  We have the knowledge and a long list of events under our belt - you can count on us to take you to the next level.




Pier 6 Promotions - The Best in Boxing